UWS UNISON Branch Committee vacancies

Would you like to get more involved in Union matters at UWS? Join our branch committee and help to tackle problems at work and improve conditions for yourself and your colleagues.

There are a number of roles currently vacant, that support and promote the work that the branch committee undertake at UWS on behalf of our members. You don’t have to commit a lot of time, or be an expert to get more involved, a little time and a lot of enthusiasm are all that’s needed.
The committee roles are:

  • Branch membership officer
  • Branch welfare officer
  • Retired members’ officer
  • Environmental officer
  • Branch young members’ officer

If you would like to chat informally about any of these roles please email unison.secretary@uws.ac.uk

Branch membership officer
Keeps track of the branch’s membership and works to develop recruitment and organising.
The role includes:

  • mapping the branch’s membership to identify membership density and steward coverage – and where there are gaps;
  • making sure the branch and union has accurate membership records;
  • monitoring the branch’s recruitment and retention rate;
  • working with the branch committee and regional organising staff to develop and implement the branch’s organisation and development plan;
  • making recommendations to the branch committee on recruitment activities, targets, resources, budgets, etc.

Branch welfare officer
Makes sure that that members seeking welfare assistance receive a prompt, supportive and effective response. This includes:

  • making sure branch officers, stewards and workplace reps, as well as employers, have regular up-to-date information about There for You (UNISON’s Welfare charity) and its range of services;
  • liaising and co-ordinating with the UNISON centre and regions to make sure There for You support is provided effectively;
  • undertaking training and seek advice from There for You where necessary;
  • developing and co-ordinating local welfare activity;
  • developing links with local charities and sources of support such as citizen’s advice bureaus and women’s refuges.

Retired members’ officer
The retired members’ officer enables retired members of the branch to continue to be active in the union through the branch’s retired members’ section.
This includes:

  • making sure that members approaching retirement have the opportunity to become retired members;
  • organising meetings of the branch retired members;
  • encouraging the participation of retired members in branch activities as appropriate;
  • making links with other retirement organisations in the area and UNISON’s national retired members’ structures;
  • attending meetings of the branch committee;
  • making sure the retired members section functions in accordance with UNISON rules and any branch standing orders and procedures.

Environmental officer
Co-ordinates the union’s green and environmental agenda in the branch.
This is still a new role in many UNISON branches. The job of trade union environmental representative involves representing the workforce in discussions and negotiations regarding the development and implementation of company / employer environmental policies and practices.
Where resources and capacity exist, the job can also involve acting on behalf of members as a link person with local environmental campaign organisations such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace or Stop Climate Chaos.
Environmental policies and practices can cover areas such as energy use, recycling, travel and procurement.

Branch young members’ officer
The role of the branch young members’ officer is ideal for someone who is interested in becoming more active in the union.
The post may be a stepping stone to becoming a steward or taking on wider roles.
The responsibilities include:

  • recruiting new members and organising and encouraging existing young members to become active in the branch and in UNISON campaigns;
  • building a branch young members’ organisation and making sure there are potential new young members’ officers in the future;
  • making sure issues of concern to young workers are raised through the branch;
  • acting as a focal point for all young workers in the branch and workplaces;
  • receiving and distributing UNISON young members’ information.

Other branch officers will help in these tasks. Branch young members’ officer must be under 27 years of age for the whole of their term of office.