2015/2016 Pay Offer Consultation Ballot

UWS Branch of UNISON have sent out ballot papers to members’ home addresses as part of the consultation on whether members wish to accept or reject the employers’ pay offer of a 1% increase from August 2015.

Full details of the 2015/16 pay offer is enclosed with the ballot paper or can be viewed here.

UNISON’s HESGE Committee’s views on the offer

UNISON’s Higher Education Service Group Executive (HESGE) has agreed that this pay offer is the best that can be achieved by negotiation and that any improvement will only be secured by sustained strike action.

HE conference policy means that a final offer must be subject to a branch based consultation.

Have YOUR say

Branches are now consulting with members on the offer.

The consultation closes 25 June 2015.

UNISON UWS Branch are asking you to vote to accept or reject the pay offer for 2015-16 and will feed the results back to the UNISON Higher Education Service Group Executive.

It is vital that you tell the HESGE what YOU think. Make sure that the decision UNISON makes reflects YOUR view.

If you reject the offer, you must be prepared to take further sustained strike action to try and win an improved offer.

The UNISON HESGE will meet on 30 June 2015 to consider the results.

All five HE unions, UNISON, UCU, Unite, GMB and EIS will be consulting their members on the offer.

Please return your ballot paper to UWS UNISON Secretary, using the reply envelope provided, by 25 June 2015.

Haven’t received your ballot papers?

Ballot papers were sent out on Tuesday 16 June to your home address – if you haven’t received them by Friday 19 June please email unison.secretary@uws.ac.uk to let us know.