Lanarkshire Campus Development

Hamilton Campus staff were invited to attend a presentation with Paul Martin (Depute Principal) on Thursday 21 May 2015, where options for developing the campus where laid out. Lanarkshire-campus-development-briefing-sheet-may2015.

The options being appraised:

Option 1 – Development of existing site

  • 1a: Retain a refurbished Almada building and mothball surplus space.
  • 1b: Retain a refurbished Almada building and demolish surplus space.
  • 1c: Replace the Almada building on site retaining the location as a centre for Higher Education.

Option 2 – Develop off-site in location A – Hamilton International Technology Park

Option 3 – Develop off-site in location B – Maxim at Eurocentral

A project board, chaired by Professor Paul Martin, has been established to oversee the options appraisal process. A Court Scrutiny Group, chaired by Ian Welsh, the Chair of Court, has also been established as part of the governance process.

Hamilton Campus staff were informed that regular open meetings are being diarised and a section on the intranet has been established for colleagues to post questions / suggestions.