Vote YES in the political fund ballot

Vote YES in the political fund ballot

UNISON is required by law to ballot members every  10 years to keep the political fund. The union uses the political fund to campaign to defend  jobs, pay and public services.  The ballot runs between 1 and 30 November 2014.

UNISON needs to be able to continue to influence political decisions.  Politicians make decisions that affect your jobs, public services and other  issues that matter to you and your family.

Our political fund is what allows us to take campaigns about those issues out of the workplace and into the political arena.

It’s not about giving money to any political party – it is about having the right to speak up on the issues that matter. Without this fund we would have no voice.

Postal ballot starts 1 November 2014.
All papers must be returned by 30 November.

Download the political fund leaflet here.

For more information or if you have not received your  ballot paper by 10 November please call  0800 0 857 857.

Source: UNISON website