Changes to AT&S Staff Terms and Conditions

An all staff email regarding proposed changes to the current AT&S terms and conditions is due to be issued today from University Human Resources (HR).

Members should be aware that UWS Branch of UNISON has formally written to the UWS HR Director stating that we do not accept the proposed changes to AT&S terms and conditions.

Although the proposed changes will have a substantial negative financial impact on our colleagues in Estates & Buildings, ICT and Library – we would stress that every single AT&S member of staff will be affected as the proposal includes a change to the university’s operating hours.

UNISON Regional organiser, Nancy Kelly has been in attendance, along with Branch Secretary Keith Galbraith, at all five meetings with UWS Management and HR that have taken place and made it clear that the proposals are unacceptable in their current form.

UWS Human Resources now wish to share their proposals with all AT&S staff and have organised meetings for those in the service areas affected financially in the first instance i.e. Estates & Buildings, ICT and Library. UNISON branch officials will endeavour to be present during all of these meetings and following each meeting will look to gather initial views from members on the proposals.

When the email is issued, what to do next:

  • Go to the intranet site and read the ‘Summary of AT&S Terms and Conditions Review 2013’ document and post your questions via the mechanism provided
  • Read the FAQs on the intranet site and post your questions via the mechanism provided
  • It is essential that staff in the affected service areas attend their meetings and pose questions to service area heads as to how the proposed changes will work in practice

UWS UNISON branch have continually questioned the reasoning behind the proposed changes to operating hours and enhanced payments and would contest that adequate benchmarking of ‘comparable organisations’ was undertaken by UWS HR.

Please also bear in mind that the proposals are coming from UWS Management and UNISON have not agreed to any of these proposals, so this is your opportunity to have your say on how these changes will impact on you.