Ballot About the Future of your Pension

Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme 2015 – ballot starts 16 October 2013

Ballot papers will be sent out to UNISON members who are conditioned to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme on 16 October. The closing date for the ballot is 10am on 7 November 2013. Any member who has not received a ballot paper should contact UNISON Direct on 0845 355 0845.

Each member will get a ballot paper with a recommendation that they vote to Accept the current proposals. To view an explanatory leaflet that outlines the proposals go here.

There were two outstanding issues at the last pension champions meeting:

1. On pensionable pay it has been agreed that the definition will be amended to make it clear that additional hours below full time will qualify as pensionable pay. This means part-time staff will pay pension contributions and get a pension that reflects their actual, not just their contracted hours. Overtime beyond the normal working week will not be pensionable, as at present.

2. The draft Heads of Agreement also includes a commitment to improve the governance arrangements for the scheme and administering funds. These include a new scheme advisory board and pension boards at fund level with equal numbers of member and employer representatives. In addition, there will be a review of how funds are structured to ensure that they deliver the best possible returns for members.

In these negotiations UNISON have worked to preserve the value of members’ pensions. UNISON believes the proposals will achieve a better pension for the vast majority of members with contributions unchanged. In other words, most members will get a bigger pension at no extra cost. This makes the Scottish LGPS the best value pension in the public sector.

There is more detail including the draft Heads of Agreement on the UNISON website:

Remember to return your ballot papers before 7 November 2013.