Review of AT&S Terms and Conditions

The University has announced its intention to review the AT&S Terms and Conditions – primarily section 7 which deals with shift allowances and other pay enhancements.

Naturally, this will be of great concern to all affected staff.

It’s important to point out, therefore, that no decisions have been taken and at this stage, UWS is discussing the matter with trade unions.

A meeting took place today (2nd October 2013) and UNISON’s Regional Staff have been brought in to handle these discussions and any negotiations arising from them.

A joint working group, made up of UNISON and Unite representatives as well as UWS managers, has been established.

More information will be forthcoming from the joint working group, after its next meeting later this month.

Nevertheless, branch officials want to hear what members would like to see in new T&Cs, what they’d like preserved and what they’d not like to give up on.

UNISON members should contact a branch official to make their views known. A full list of branch officials is available here.

Colleagues who are not members can have their say by joining UNISON – download and complete the UNISON application form on the UWS staff intranet site  to join us.